Timeline of Publicized Executions for Alleged Sodomy by Islamic State Militias

Islamic State militias have regularly reported their executions of persons accused for indecent behavior, sodomy, adultery and other so-called morality-based crimes. Since 2014, the Islamic State militia has published photo reports purporting to show the execution of persons accused of “sodomy.” Reports have also surfaced through regional news media, NGOs and others. In addition, there have been reports of stonings of women allegedly accused and convicted for adultery, and numerous accounts of persons executed by Islamic State militias presumably because of their religious affiliation.

OutRight Action International (OutRight) cannot verify the credibility of the executions depicted in this timeline. These images are a compilation of executions published by the information offices of the Islamic State militia in Iraq and Syria, as well as executions corroborated by several independent sources. While OutRight has made every effort to document sodomy-related killing that the Islamic State militia claims to have carried out during this timeframe, this timeline should not be considered comprehensive.

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