Our Work

Working in partnership with women human rights defenders, peacebuilders and civil society leaders from conflict affected countries and leveraging our highest levels of access to the UN Security Council, UN Leadership and Member State missions in New York,  we advocate for the full and equal participation of women in all efforts to create and maintain international peace and security, as well as for the respect of women’s human rights.

We call for the consistent implementation of the women, peace and security agenda; undertake extensive monitoring and analysis; engage in targeted advocacy; and bring the voices of women’s rights defenders and peacebuilders into policy discussions held in New York. Our immediate proximity to UN Headquarters enables us to influence both the normative development of the women, peace and security agenda and also exert maximum pressure to ensure critical multilateral decisions being made in New York are not only responding to the context specific gender dimensions within each conflict and crisis situation but also empowering women to be part of the solutions developed. 

Across all of our work we emphasize the direct link between conflict prevention and gender equality, and call for the for the establishment of gender sensitive institutions, legislation and policies, as well as mechanisms to enable women’s meaningful participation with all political, electoral, security and justice sectors.

Monitoring & Analysis