Consortium on Gender Security and Human Rights

The mission of the Consortium on  Gender, Security and Human Rights is to create a more peaceful, just and gender equitable world through programs designed to:

  • produce cutting edge gender analysis of war and peacebuilding
  • transform gender and security research and policy agendas
  • foster innovative education, activism and practice.

The Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights works to integrate the study of gender into research on human rights, security and armed conflict. Drawing on large academic network of individual scholars, policymakers, and practitioners, as well as on-the-ground civil society activists, the Consortium has increased attention on international and national policy issues concerning women and war. The Consortium advocates for bridging the gap between scholarly research on gender and policy makers and practitioners working on conflict in the field. The Consortium supports the women, peace and security agenda by procuring events with key academic thinkers and publishing multidimensional, structural, and feminist gendered analysis through its Research Hub.