Global Justice Center

The Global Justice Center (GJC) works for peace, justice, and security by enforcing international laws that protect human rights and promote gender equality.

We promote “power, not pity” as we advocate a model for justice that embraces the following tenets:

  • Gender parity in power and under the law is essential to global security, justice, and prosperity for all.
  • Discriminatory political and legal systems that fail to enforce human rights or ensure equal protection to women must be challenged.
  • Progressive interpretation and enforcement of international law is a powerful catalyst for social and structural change and is necessary to establish a global “rule of law.”

Global Justice Center (GJC) focuses on gender justice by utilizing creative and cutting edge legal solutions to address issues of sexual and reproductive rights in international policy. GJC examines ways to support on-going initiatives at the country-level to enforce states’ legal obligations to ensure gender equality. Supporting women, peace and security, GJC assists in constitutional and legislative drafting processes in post-conflict settings to ensure the primacy of international humanitarian law and human rights law as well as legislative guarantees of equality. GJC also partners with local NGOs to coordinate work on women’s human rights and explore how international legal mechanisms can advance local work on gender equality.