GNWP Strategic Plan 2018-2022

Who We Are

The Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP) is a coalition of women’s groups and other civil society organizations from Africa, Asia and

the Pacific, Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe and the Middle East and Arab World, mostly from conflict-affected countries. The GNWP Board, management and staff are experts in advocating for women’s leadership to be at the core of all efforts in peacebuilding, conflict prevention and sustaining peace. It has demonstrated impact in bringing local voices to influence global policies on women’s rights, peace and security; and in translating global policies into practical actions that improve the lives of local populations.

GNWP is coordinated by an International Coordinating Team, based in New York, where it is registered as a charity.

GNWP Board, management and staff have proven track records in the areas of women’s rights, human rights, gender equality and peace and security. We come from diverse backgrounds and have extensive experience in conflict- affected and post-conflict countries, as well as in working at grassroots, national, regional and international levels.

Our Vision

Our vision is an equal, just and peaceful world in which women’s and girls’ rights are promoted and protected, and they are recognized as peacebuilders and decision-makers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women and amplify their voices to build sustainable and inclusive peace and to prevent conflict.

We empower women, young women and girls, especially those living in local communities, to bridge the gap between global policies on Women and Peace and Security (WPS) and Youth and Peace and Security (YPS), and practical and necessary actions on the ground; and to achieve greater recognition and meaningful participation of women as key influencers and decision-makers.


This Strategic Plan is a result of a collaborative effort and numerous consultations among GNWP staff, Board of Directors, as well as inputs from GNWP members and members of Young Women Leaders for Peace program. It is updated annually by GNWP staff and Board of Directors.

GNWP is grateful to Susana Fried for her expertise and support provided to develop this strategic plan. The strategic plan was developed using a methodology laid out by David La Piana in “The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution” published by Fieldstone Alliance.

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