Global Network of Women Peacebuilders

The Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP) is a coalition of women's groups and other civil society organizations from Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe and the Middle East and Arab World, mostly from conflict-affected countries. GNWP has a proven track record in advocating for women's leadership to be at the core of all efforts in peacebuilding, conflict prevention and sustaining peace. It has demonstrated impact in bringing local voices to influence global policies into practical actions that improved the lives of women and men in local communities.
GNWP's vision is a world in which women and girls' rights are promoted and protected, and they are recognized as peacebuilders and decision-makers.

GNWP's mission is to empower women, and amplify their voices to build sustainable and inclusive peace.

GNWP employs the following strategies to realize its mission:

-       Full-cycle implementation of WPS resolutions, from NAP development, through Costing and Budgeting to ensure adequate financing for implementation through the Localization strategy and monitoring and evaluation.

-       Amplifying voices of local women and civil society in global policy forums.

-       Empowering young women to become leaders and agents of peace. For example,  GNWP’s Girl Ambassadors for Peace program transforms youth potential into an important force in the implementation of the WPS agenda.

-       Ensuring adequate and predictable funding for WPS Resolutions’ implementation, including through the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund as well as facilitation of NAP Costing and Budgeting workshops to encourage domestic resourcing for implementation.

Thanks to its broad-based membership, guaranteeing a global reach; its “local-global; global-local” approach; and its partnership with young and local women as leaders for peace, GNWP has been able to make unique contributions to the implementation of WPS agenda.