International Alert

International Alert has been working for 30 years with people directly affected by conflict to find peaceful solutions. International Alert believes in a world where people resolve their differences without violence and can build a more peaceful future for their families and communities.

International Alert builds a more peaceful world by:

  1. Working with people to build peace: International Alert collaborates with people from across divides to resolve the root causes of conflict, because everyone can play a part in building peace, every day.
  2. Turning understanding into solutions: International Alert works alongside local communities, partners, businesses and policy-makers to turn our in-depth research and analysis into practical solutions and action on the ground.
  3. Supporting a collective voice for peace: International Alert brings together people from the grassroots to the policy level to inspire and amplify the voice of peace, because it is only together that we can achieve change.

International Alert works in over 30 countries and territories and have offices in 18 countries.

Conflict affects women, men, girls and boys in different ways, and gender inequality undermines the long-term prospects for peace and development. International Alert helps improve relations between women and men at home and in their communities, strengthening their capacity to respond peacefully to problems when they arise, and to build a peaceful future for them and their societies. International Alert  advocates for the integration of gender issues in peacebuilding and security processes around the world, and empower local communities to support the equal participation of all members of society.