Karima Bennoune

Karima Bennoune is a leading legal scholar whose work has been crucial in creating momentum around the issue of gender apartheid in Afghanistan. In August 2022, her essay 'The Best Way to Mark the Anniversary of Taliban Takeover? Launch a Global Campaign Against Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan' in Just Security was one of the first international applications of the term to the current situation in Afghanistan. Her full study on “The International Obligation to Counter Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan,” incorporating interviews with Afghan WHRDs, appeared in the Columbia Human Rights Law Review in Fall 2022. Currently, she is the Lewis M. Simes Professor of Law at the University of Michigan Law School, where she teaches international law and human rights.

"What has been tried since the Taliban returned to power is not working. Along with many Afghan WHRDs and international human rights experts, I believe the gender apartheid approach is one of the most promising options for a new and more effective way forward."

At the Security Council