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Bosnia & Herzegovina

During the years of the Bosnian War (1992-1995), women in Bosnia were subjected to systematic sexual violence and the genocide of their families— the impacts of which are still felt daily in the young country. Despite facing continuing marginalization, exacerbated by factors like high unemployment and low levels of education, women in Bosnia have come to occupy an important place in the post-conflict peace and reconciliation processes.

Many women in Bosnia have decided to seek justice for the estimated 20,000 women that were systematically raped during the conflict (Foreign Policy in Focus, 2012) rather than harbor anger and revenge, including taking steps to establish specialized tribunals for women to process violations against them during the war. More needs to be done, however, for women to become full and equal members of Bosnian society.

Based on the work of NGOWG members and their partners, the NGOWG advocates for the inclusion of all elements of the Women, Peace and Security agenda into the mandates for SFOR and EUFOR ALTHEA, the NATO, and EU missions currently in Bosnia.

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